With 18 safety violations in 3 years, turbulent ride for Air India

The number of air safety rules violations reported to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has spiked in the last three years with at least 18 incidents reported against Air India pilots for flouting guidelines.

About 10 pilots tested alcohol-positive during pre-flight medical examination for the consumption of liquor. The tipsy pilots, caught drunk, were scheduled to operate flights. Out of these, two pilots tested positive for the second time and their licences were suspended for five years.

As per the new Civil Aviation Requirement (CAR), the licence of a first-time offender will be suspended for three months and if the pilot is caught again, his licence will be suspended for five years. According to aviation study reports, consumption of liquor can impair the performance of crucial flight tasks triggering mishaps. The DGCA has said that, liquor, even in small quantities, jeopardises flight safety on several counts and is likely to affect an aviator well into the hangover period. As per aircraft rule 24, the pilot or cabin crew is not allowed to drink 12 hours before the flight.

Full report here New Indian Express


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