Wine tourism picks up in India

It’s not only wine but also wine tourism that is increasingly becoming popular in India. And to cash in on its growing popularity, Indian wineries, like their Californian counterparts, are investing heavily in setting up the infrastructure to develop the vineyards as tourist destinations.

There are two routes of wine tours in Maharashtra for the wine enthusiasts. Nashik is the main hub of wine tourism with the popular vineyard of Sula Wines. But other wineries too have recently opened up their facilities for tourists.

Many wineries are already in the process of getting tourists to their vinyards. Chateau D’ori, situated in Dindori taluka in Nashik district, will soon be opening up its wine tourism facilities. Vallonne Vineyards, the boutique winery near Igatpuri in Nashik, too has started wine tourism. The York winery has plans to develop its vineyards into tourist place.

Read the full report here, Economic Times


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