Will the Tatas be able to take care of weary air travellers?

The arrivals of Air Asia and Tata-Singapore Airlines could make air travel affordable, especially to tier-II cities

In the next few months, Air Asia India is expected to commence its airline operations with five aircrafts. As a budget airline, though it has not yet finally announced the type of aircraft it proposes to use, which could be Airbus A320. It plans to provide better regional connectivity, and is in various stages of getting approvals and clearances, like air operating permits (AOP) etc.

In a candid comment, S Ramadorai, the vice-chairman of Air Asia India, who retired from TCS, after 37 years spotless service, but who still continues to be its vice chairman, felt, that he was probably chosen to take this responsibility because of his track record of ethical conduct, whom the management could trust absolutely. He expects the airline to be able to make air travel affordable to one and all, particularly the first time air-travellers, and make it a pleasurable and memorable experience.

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