What is Kashmir’s tourism USP?

On a flight from Srinagar to New Delhi recently I happened to meet a tourist couple from Germany. This couple had somewhat enjoyed their stay here but made a critical observation: they were not sure what Kashmir’s Unique Selling Point (USP) was.

They, it seemed, were unable to figure out whether our tourism was based on nature, adventure, entertainment, culture, faith or a mix of all these. They didn’t talk of eco-tourism. To them every serious tourist destination has one particular product that is the prime attraction of their visitors. And then the support services and standards are custom designed to cater to that particular area. To them we were doing terrible in custom-designed support services.

In response, I offered a normal, but somewhat defensive, justification – that we were actually trying to offer a “diverse range of products” to our visitors. They seemed unimpressed with that. Humbly enough they kept on emphasising that we need to figure out our best product and sell that with all the necessary support services and aim for excellence and visitor satisfaction in that particular area. To them offering other range of products wasn’t bad, but having a USP would be better. They didn’t mince words about that while offering every possible “product” we had actually made a mess of our services and their standards.

Full report here Greater Kashmir 


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