Wego offers low cost flights around the world!


Wego, a travel search site targeting the Asia Pacific and Middle East, is pushing low-cost options as a way to travel around the world for pleasure.

Typically, it is very difficult to plan a travel around the world purely using low-cost carriers or LCCs as you need to know all the special ways to get the discounts. However, says Wego, it’s not impossible, reports RTN Asia.

“While aviation has evolved in so many ways over past decades, nothing has had a greater impact on the industry than the evolution of the low-cost carrier,” said Dean Wicks, Chief Flights Officer for Wego.

The low-cost carrier model means that flying is no longer an unimaginable expense, and airfares can be as affordable, or even cheaper than, some methods of overland public transport.

“On some occasions, it’s cheaper to fly from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur for the weekend, than take a taxi across town,” added Wicks.

However Wicks believes that, as travellers, we still don’t take full advantage of the world’s growing network of low-cost airlines.

“It is now possible to do an around the world trip solely flying on low-cost carriers, which means big savings for travellers,” Wicks continued. “Wego’s global airline partnerships include the majority of the world’s budget airlines across numerous countries. You can fly from and around South America, the United States, Canada and onwards to Europe. You can then jet off to Africa and the Middle East before an Indian adventure, then head through Asia down to Australia, and finally across the Pacific back to the US, all by low-cost carrier.”


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