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We are loud, and we don’t care


A few weeks back, yours truly was able to escape the bustle and din of the city for a quick dash to a seaside retreat. Peace of mind and some much needed me-time amid monsoon-blessed green environs were intended to be a part of the plan. Perfect, we thought as we drove down, thrilled at the possibilities of these simple joys of life that have become increasingly difficult to savour in today’s urban rollercoster.

As we settled into this quiet retreat, the plot seemed to be going according to plan. We couldn’t believe our luck when we noticed that apart from us, there were a few families content on doing their own thing; the getaway was turning out to be a ‘escape’ quite literally. Little did we realise that this was sadly, the calm before the storm. It’s when the tornado, also known collectively as The Big Loud Indian tourist (these come in all kinds of numbers) had descended on the serene destination.

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