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Wayanad’s Daivappuras to be restored

KALPETTA: The ‘daivappuras’ (a common place of worship) in major tribal hamlets in Wayanad district will soon get a new lease of life, thanks to the timely intervention of the district administration, reports The Hindu.

The mud-coated ‘daivappuras’ or ‘valiyapuras’, adorned with various tribal art designs, were a common sight in the hill district a few decades ago.

It played a significant role in the life of tribal communities, especially among the Mullakuruma sect, in the past. All rituals from birth to death and all tribal festivals such as Puthari, Uchal, Karkidakam Pathinalu and Samkranthi were interlinked with the ‘daivappuras’.

However, many ‘daivappuras’ were ruined due to the disintegration of the joint family system and lack of maintenance. Those that survived the vagaries of time are in a dilapidated state at present.

“We are planning to restore the ‘daivappuras’ in major tribal hamlets such as Thirumugham, Kongiyambam and Nediyancheri in the district on a fast-track mode,” Wayanad District Collector S. Suhas told The Hindu after a visit to the Thirumugham tribal hamlet at Pakkom near Pulpally on Saturday.

The ‘daivappura’ at Thirumugham was demolished a few years ago, and is yet to be reconstructed. Hence, the tribesmen are using a temporary shed for the purpose.

The restoration project will be executed in association with the Tribal Development Department and the District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC).


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