It happens only in India

Waris Ahluwalia still stuck at Mexico City airport


Indian-American Sikh designer Waris Ahluwalia, who was stopped from boarding an AeroMexico flight bound for New York from Mexico City because he was wearing a turban, is still stuck at the airport.

“13 hours later. Still in Mexico City. No traveler should be subjected to what I was,” Ahluwalia tweeted, reports India Today.

New York-based designer-cum-actor Ahluwalia on Monday claimed that he was not allowed to board the flight from Mexico City to New York because of his beard and turban.

When Ahluwalia showed up at the gate to board Flight 408 to New York City, Ahluwalia said, attendants told him he needed to step aside and wait for other passengers to board.
After they did, his feet and bag were searched and swabbed, he was told to remove a sweatshirt and he was patted down, New York Times reported.


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