Volvo exec assures Indians of bus quality

Two back to back bus accidents have shaken the country’s faith in Volvo, the automobile giant known for prioritizing safety and comfortability. The company is now working full throttle on re-instating the faith in their product—buses. Akash Passey, senior vice president, Volvo Bus Corporation, flew all the way from Frankfurt as soon as Haveri tragedy involving yet another Volvo bus took place.

In an interview with TOI, he summed up, saying, “Collaborative approach of all stakeholders and public awareness will help us make road travel safer and prevent such incidents altogether.”

Q: In the last 15 days, the bus infernos killing many have only shaken the faith in people who have been used to Volvo for so many years now. Are your buses so susceptible to catching fire?

I understand that both the incidents have high impact and the consequences are substantial. We are trying to understand what is it that is not good enough—the product, the manufacture, the operator, the road or the driver. I have not heard of fuel tank blast anywhere because all our vehicles plying across the world are made of global standard plastic mould that can burst. But then of course, if there are sparks that can ignite fuel. It is baffling but we need to wait for the investigations to point out what has gone wrong in each of the cases.

Read the full report here,  Times of India


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