Vizhinjam: Once a port, always a port

Pottery shards and other evidence show that Vizhinjam has been a port from the early periods of history

Excavations conducted by a team of archaeologists over three years have unearthed artefacts indicating that Vizhinjam, the site for a proposed international container transhipment terminal, could have been one of the earliest port towns along the south Kerala coast, with a maritime history dating back to the first or second century BC.

The excavations, which began in 2010, were conducted by a team led by Ajit Kumar, Head, Department of Archaeology, University of Kerala. The findings of the project are based on the discovery of pieces of ancient pottery such as shards of rouletted ware, amphora, BI-glazed ware and torpedo jar from the excavation site.

Rouletted ware, Dr. Kumar says, is an excellent chronological indicator and is believed to have had its origin in the Bengal region and had been in circulation from the second century BC to the second century AD. The amphora ware dates back to the first to the third century AD, while the BI-glazed ware had its origins in West Asia and is datable to the early Christian era.

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