Vizag Old Town in for a makeover

For all those who thought that Visakhapatnam was a sleepy, fishing hamlet once upon a time, you’ve got another think coming. For, historic evidences and inscriptions point to the fact Vizag was a busy sea trade centre and a home to rich merchants as early as the 11th century.

Also, much before the revolt of 1857, it was in the Old Town area of Vizag that the first mutiny of Indian sepoys against the Britishers took place in 1788, in which a British officer was killed, something that hardly anybody is aware of. The area also housed India’s first school exclusively for young widows in the early 20th century.

Several such unknown or little-known fascinating historical nuggets are all set to entice tourists and visitors to the neglected and dingy Old Town area of the Port City as it is all set to feature in the city’s tourism map with the civic authorities finally allocating a few crores of rupees for conservation of heritage and a makeover for the Old Town under the new city development plan (CDP).

Full report here Times of India


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