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Visitors to Botanical Garden increase in 2017

UDHAGAMANDALAM: The number of tourists visiting Government Botanical Garden, the most popular tourist spot in the Nilgiris, increased in 2017, with 1.8 lakh more people visiting it throughout the year, compared to the previous year.

According to statistics from the Horticulture Department, more than 25.53 lakh people visited the 55-acre garden in Udhagamandalam throughout the year, while only a little over 23.73 lakh people had visited the garden the previous year, reports The Hindu.

While still not recording the record highest number of visitors logged over the course of a year in recent years, the increase in the number of visitors in 2017 indicated a better year for the tourism industry in general across the Nilgiris, said an official from the department.

Joint Director of Horticulture (in-charge) Shivasubramaniam Samraj said that the garden had always been one of the must-see places in the Nilgiris, and this fact, combined with more people visiting the district, was leading to more footfall in all the parks and gardens in Udhagamandalam, Coonoor and Kotagiri.

“The annual Ooty flower show also continues to draw huge crowd, with more people wanting to visit the Nilgiris coinciding with the summer festival,” added Mr. Shivasubramaniam.


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