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Virat Kohli to be Uttarakhand brand ambassador


Renowned cricketer Virat Kohli is all set to be brand ambassador of Uttarakhand. The tourism department is planning a series of promotional advertisements featuring the 26-year-old, to go on air on all major TV channels. Tourism minister Dinesh Dhanai, however, expressed ignorance of Kolhi’s selection as brand ambassador.

Principal secretary Uma Kant Panwar of the state tourism department told TOI, “Virat Kohli has given his consent to becoming brand ambassador of Uttarakhand, reports Times of India. This will make a world of difference to tourism in the state, which has been in the doldrums ever since the disaster of June 2013. He is the most popular cricketer in the country and he enjoys mass following among youth. If he promotes our tourist destinations, it will certainly have an impact on hundreds of thousands of his fans who will feel motivated to visit our state.”

Panwar said his department was all set to shoot a series of advertisements featuring Kohli at various renowned and promising tourism sites. The selection of sites and budget estimates will become clear only at a later stage in the project report.


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