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Vijayawada museum renovation to resume


Using sledgehammer and jackhammer, workers tore apart the roof of the front portion of Victoria Jubilee Museum. The dropping chunks of concrete were reduced to rubble in the next few minutes. The old was being destroyed to make way for the new.

The demolition is being carried out as part of the renovation of the ancient Victoria Jubilee Museum. Maintained by the Archaeological Department, it has a large collection of sculptures, paintings and artefacts of Buddhist and Hindu relics, with some of them as old as 2{+n}{+d}and 3{+r}{+d}centuries.

The foundation for this more-than-100 years-old precious monument, whose structure of building is an Indo-European style of architecture, was laid by Robert Sewell, the then Collector of Krishna district on 27 June in 1887 for the Golden Jubilee celebrations of Queen Victoria’s coronation.


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