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Veraval, Mangrol best suited sites to see whale shark


Of the three sites where whale sharks have regular sighting, Mangrol and Veraval along the Gujarat coast have shot to fame. These two places have been the best suited sites for whale shark tourism as the visibility of this sea animal is better here.

This was stated in the report ‘Gujarat Gentle Giant-Conservation of Whale shark’. The report was a part of the conservation programme taken up by the Gujarat forest department and Wildlife Trust of India (WTI), along with an industrial house based at Mithapur.

The report further states that whale shark tourism depends on good visibility and only deeper areas far from the shore show a good visibility of the giant fish. The report states that of the three sites surveyed as a part of the project – Veraval, Diu and Mangrol – it was revealed that Mangrol showed good visibility compared to Veraval. However, Veraval had a broad range of visibility. Diu had the lowest visibility.

Full report here Times of India



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