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Uttarakhand takes steps to aid tourism


Uttarakhand is looking at reviving tourism in the state by offering year-round attractions to the visitors.

“The government is investing US$978 million (INR6,000 crore) in improving the infrastructure, like roads, bridges and buildings. The private sector is also taking initiative to restore the livelihood of the people living in the state, after the devastation in the recent flash floods,” said Umakant Panwar, secretary of tourism in Uttarakhand said at the recently concluded CII Tourism Fest 2013 in Chandigarh.

The state tourism board has introduced winter packages to four pilgrim centres, while close to 83 peaks were open for climbing and 123 treks will welcome tourists to the wilderness. The Tehri Lake Complex is also being developed as a tourist attraction.
Read the full report here, Travel Daily Media


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