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Uttar Pradesh has immense potential for tourism development: experts

LUCKNOW: Like India, Uttar Pradesh can look foward to job generation through tourism sector which contributes 10% to country’s GDP.

“UP has immense potential for tourism development because of its diverse and rich heritage and cultural legacy,” said Vinod Zutshi, former secretary at union ministry of tourism while addressing at inaugural session of India travel mart exhibition here on Friday, October 27, reports The Times of India.

“Presently tourism contributes nearly 10% to the GDP and provides 12% employment in the country. It is the only stable industry which continuously contributes to the economic growth of the country. There is similar potential for the industry in this state too,” he said.

As many as 12 states put up their stalls at the exhibition. Representatives from Nepal also showcases their tourist destinations at the event.

“India witnesses more tourists within the country than the total number of tourist that travel around the world,” Zutshi said adding, “India had 170 crore tourists travelling within the country last year, while only 135 crore people are said to travel across nations from all over the world.”

He further said that domestic tourism in India is growing at the rate of 14% in India. Hence, states and private players should come together to promote this industry to a much larger scale.


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