UP tourism to launch ‘Agra Darshan’ buses


The Uttar Pradesh government is planning to launch a bus service named ‘Agra Darshan’ in the city soon. The buses will be complemented with radio taxis and other tourism-friendly travel apparatus.

Talking to India Today, UP Tourism Director-General Amrit Abhijat said that the focus of the government is now on pro-poor tourism, reports India Today.

As a part of this tourism plan, the Holipura and Kachhpura villages of Agra will be transformed into tourist-friendly villages, where tourists can catch a glimpse of the rural life in Braj region. Previously, Barara was designated as a tourist village and it still attracts tourists from across the world. The government is also planning to designate former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s ancestral village Bateshwar as a tourist village.

Denying the popular misconception, he said that the number of tourists arriving in Agra is not falling. In fact, he said, the number is rising rapidly. Facts, supporting this, will be released to the media very soon, Abhijat added.


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