U’khand sets up tourism promotion forum

Uttarakhand has set up the Uttarakhand Tourism Promotion Forum (UTPF) to promote tourism among domestic and international visitors.

Formulated on the lines of an industry think-tank, the UTPF will have participants from the hotel industry, as well as the other stake holders like tour operators, travel and logistics providers and industry leaders from the state. In an advisory role, the UTPF is an effort of the private sector to jointly promote sustainable and responsible tourism in Uttarakhand.

“Uttarakhand has unparalleled scenic beauty and untouched territories that have remained unexplored and hence un-marketed. For the holistic development of the tourism potential in the state, it is imperative that we work together to focus on all components that make Uttarakhand so special – weather, scenic beauty, divinity, folklore, people and culture, adventure, arts and craft”, said Sunny Sahani, Spokesperson of the Mussoorie Hotel Association.

Full report here Travel Daily



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