UK scraps bond-for-visa scheme


The British government was planning to pilot a scheme starting November that would require Indians and citizens of some other countries to deposit close to 3000 pounds if they chose to enter the UK on a tourist or visitor visa.

The scheme aimed to stop people from abusing the UK’s immigration system and overstaying on visas. Now, the British government has decided to cancel the scheme.

For Indians wanting to travel to the UK to spend time with family or just for tourism, starting this month, they’d have to deposit 3000 pounds as a guarantee that they are definitely coming back to India.

The Home Office has told NDTV that the scheme will now be scrapped. In a statement, it said, “The government has been considering whether we pilot a bond scheme that would deter people from overstaying the visa. We have decided not to proceed.”

Full report here NDTV


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