Two EDMs on same days a bad move: TTAG


While the government is in favour of allowing two electronic dance music (EDM) festivals at the same time in North Goa, the Travel and tourism association of Goa (TTAG) is not very happy about this arrangement.

In its meeting held last week, TTAG’s managing committee unanimously opposed the government’s move to permit two EDMs on the same dates during the peak season, reports The Times of India.

Having two EDMs at the same time during the festive period of Christmas and New Year does not add value to destination Goa. On the contrary, it leads to a chaotic situation and, in a way, lessens the enjoyment for tourists, TTAG said. Some TTAG members said since tourists visit Goa during Christmas week, there is no need for any additional “impetus week”. Some members also expressed their apprehensions on the security front.

All international tourist destinations such as Paris, Thailand, and Los Angeles are on the radar of terror outfits. Goa, too, receives a high percentage of foreign tourists and the members felt it can be an easy and a soft target at the time of the festive period, and the government should view this problem more seriously.


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