Triyambakeshwara beckons

A beautiful and very huge Triyambakeshwara temple constructed in Vijayanagar times, said to be in memory of Bukka II of the Vijayanagar dynasty, now attracts tourists from across the State.

It is situated at Triyambakapura, a village in Gundlupet taluk located at a deviation of 2 km on the Gundlupet-Terakanambi road. The temple enjoyed many grants of the Vijayanagar empire and later times, as codified by nearly 15 inscriptions. But the earliest copper plate of Harihara II, son of Devaraya I, is interesting. It indicates land grants made to Lord Triyambakeshwara. There is a grant by Govindaraja, Krishnadevaraya’s Viceroy at Terakanambi. Earlier, the temple was in ruins. Now, with the efforts of revenue officials of Gundlupet taluk, the temple has regained its old beauty. The devotees too extended their helping hand in the renovation. The State Heritage and Archaeology Department has released Rs.1.96 crore for restructuring the entire temple. The renovation work is in progress.

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