Tripura gets infra-ready to woo tourists

In Bengali, ‘Unakoti’ means a unit less than one crore. And, the popular myth is that Lord Shiva, leading this pack of 9,999,999 gods and goddesses, camped in this serene mountainous location in North Tripura, for a night, on his way to Varanasi.

But, early next morning, when he was ready to resume the journey, the rest of the team members were still sleeping. It is said, the furious god turned them into stones. Today ‘Unakoti’ is one of the largest rock-cut sculptures in India, dating back to between the eighth and ninth centuries.

However, except for some picnickers and local travellers, not may are aware of either Unakoti or other examples of heritage structures in Tripura. In fact, to the average Indian traveller, the state hardly exists on India’s tourism map.

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