‘Trip’ping on travel!


These young Bangaloreans, shared an office space with different dreams only to realize their common love affair with trips and travel. Kingsley Joseph, Anenth Guru and Sandeep Bhaskar, have started a travel website called “Tripthirsty” which is garnering widespread attention and is looked up as the ‘next big thing’ in the world of online startups.

Beginning from ‘how to handle wild snakes’ to ‘jumping of a cliff’ — their website offers a host of travel options that you can choose from. “Initially, we were trying to conjure up a solution for one common problem that all travellers faced,” begins Anenth Guru, who was once trying his hand at mobile applications for commuting.

Adding to that Sandeep says, “We analysed the problems that the travel industry faced like, for example people could go online to check where to stay and how to get there, but there was never a website which just offered deals about what to do in the place.”

Hence, their website opens up a world of opportunities for the avid traveller. The site collects travel wishlists from its users and uses those lists to work out group discounts and other deals that you would not find otherwise.

Full report here Deccan Chronicle 


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