TripAdvisor review calls Delhi’s Centaur Hotel hell


“It’s not a hotel, it’s hell” is not how a hotel would like to be described as. Yet, that is what a traveller review on travel website TripAdvisor recently called the Centaur Hotel.

Dozens of travellers complained of bad service, mouldy rooms and bug-ridden beds in the government-run hotel, located near the Indira Gandhi Airport in Delhi, reports The Economic Times.

Of the 203 reviews on TripAdvisor, 146 rated Centaur as ‘terrible’ and 29 as ‘poor’. Just three reviewers, the nearest two years old, rated it excellent. One of them was a reminiscence of the glory days of the hotel in the 80s and 90s. How could a hotel gather so much bad name consistently? ET paid a visit to the Centaur for a first-hand look.

From a distance, the facade looks impressive but up close, it betrays signs of neglect. The sandstone has not seen a scrub in years. The porch is empty and front doors are missing knobs. Nobody is around to receive guests. A baleful emptiness pervades the beautifully designed but dilapidated lobby. The dimly lit corridors on each of the four floors rising around the massive lobby appear forlorn. About 60 feet above, the roof curves into a majestic dome that evokes a past grandeur. A couple of managers in worn suits hang about watching an India-Australia cricket match on a large TV. The washroom door in the corner is held open by a fire extinguisher. The two restaurants and the bar are shut. Only the coffee shop with its mouldy furniture and fading decor is functional. The lobby manager said the hotel was renovating 80 of the 376 rooms.


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