Food to rule travel choices by Indians in 2017

DELHI: New year 2017 will see food ruling travel choices for Indian as per a survey by travel review portal TripAdvisor. As many as 63% of Indians will plan a gastronomic getaway next year, it said. Nearly 73% have either planned or intend to plan a gastronomic getaway soon to a destination specifically to try the food it is famous for and 67% have plans to visit a particular restaurant.

63% plan a gastronomical getaway in 2017.
67% plan to visit a particular restaurant.
51% said dining out was important on a trip.
57% check reviews on mobile.

They also said that gastronomy was especially top of their minds when going on trips with 51% saying that dining out and restaurant selections were important to their overall trip experience.

The survey also found that 57% of respondents check reviews and opinions on TripAdvisor via mobile for researching restaurants. Out of these, 60% said that they did so often.

“It’s no secret that Indians love to eat and the multitude of cuisines in India make the gastronomic journey right here in India even more interesting. These restaurants, recognised by millions of travellers from the TripAdvisor Community will surely inspire foodies to go on a gastronomical journey when they travel around in India,” Nikhil Ganju, Country Manager, TripAdvisor, India, said in a statement.

When it comes to fine dining, Indian cuisine was clearly a favourite, followed by Italian dishes. Most Indians go to fine dining restaurants once or twice per year. This is typically to celebrate a special occasion as well as enjoy eating great food and experience. About 35% said they had visited a restaurant because of its celebrity chef.

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