National Tribal Dance Festival showcases indigenous culture

The 3-day dance festival opened at RK Beach

VISAKHAPATNAM:   To fortify the ethereal cultural heritage of tribal India, a three-day National Tribal Dance Festival opened at R.K. Beach on Tuesday. Known for their hospitable nature, the various tribes of India have strong community bonds that give them a distinct identity.

Organised by Antarmukha in association with South Zone Cultural Centre, AP Tourism Development Corporation and the State government, the festival gives a chance to get a glimpse of the rich tribal culture which will be showcased through six tribal dance forms from Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Karnataka, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh, reports The Hindu.

“Despite a threat to their existence, these tribal people have succeeded in preserving their culture. We want to promote the indigenous culture and bring to the forefront the ethnic value of India through this festival,” said Lakshmi Priya of Antarmukha.

The organisation is planning to organise similar tribal dance festival in Narsipatnam and other Agency Areas of Visakhapatnam next month.

The Census of India 2011 reveals that 750 scheduled tribes in India reside in distant and forested areas of hilly mountains, plains, deserts, coasts and even islands.

Inaugurating the festival, ZP chairperson Lalam Bhavani said that the event was a great platform to understand different tribal culture. Joint Collector J. Nivas said that the vibrancy of tribal culture can be seen through the exuberance of each dance form. “They express their happiness through singing and dancing and live a simple life. We also should adopt this simple philosophy in our lives,” he added.


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