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Tremendous potential for India, Egypt to boost tourism: Experts

CAIRO: India and Egypt have a tremendous potential to boost tourism through shared experiences, according to travel experts.

The Maulana Azad Centre for Indian Culture (MACIC) of the Indian Embassy here has organised a seminar on ‘Sustainable Tourism: New Avenues for Development’ with the participation of eminent Indian and Egyptian speakers, reports PTI.

The discussion, held last Thursday, focused on different themes with a primary emphasis on sharing experiences from developments in the space of tourism in countries like India and Egypt which have tremendous scope and potential to benefit from the tourism sector.

Sanjay Kandhari, Branch Head of Satguru Travels, said that India has many things to offer for tourists from landscapes to beaches and sites and other, which can be promoted and attract more tourists from around the world.

Kandhari also added that Egypt have the same ability to attract tourists also and both countries should promote these attractions in a better way.

As an Indian working in Egypt, Reuben Katariya, General Manager at Oberoi Egypt, said that Egypt has good aspects which India can learn for it; like that the Egyptian antiquities are well preserved and also the guides in touristic sites always have the same stories about the site and people never hear different stories about the same place.

Elhamy el-Zayat, ex-chairman of the Egyptian Tourism Federation said that social media is an important tool to promote tourism in both countries. “I always say that we have tools that we didn’t have in the past, which social media. We can always say stories that are interesting for everybody,” he said.


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