Train travel to Araku cancelled for a month

VISAKHAPATNAM: Visakhapatnam tourism takes a hit as train travel to Araku valley is cancelled owing to damages by landslides.

Railway authorities have suspended train travel on the Visakhapatnam to Kirandul route that people take to reach Araku, reports Yo! Vizag.

A damage was reported on the 80 meter railway bridge near Borra Caves. This has occurred due to heavy rains.

This has come as a surprise to many because such an incident has not been reported in the last many years. Tourists coming to Vizag definitely take the travel by train route to beautiful Araku.

The recent introduction of the Vistadome had travel plans to Araku on rails sky rocketing. The news of cancellation has disappointed many. The tourism peak season is thrown off gear.

300 tourists travel the Vistadome and it is the first facility in India. Huge rocks and boulders from adjacent hills have blocked the Chimidipalli to Borraguhalu section of Kottavalas to Kirandul railway line. It falls under Visakhapatnam division.

Railway officials have estimated about a month for the repair works to get done. An assessment of damages and site inspection has already been done by experts.

Tourists fares have been repaid and those longing to catch a sight of the emerald hills from the glass coach of Vistadome will have to wait for it. This has scared tourists who enjoy travel by train but will fear landslides now.


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