Tourists to get better facilities

The tourism department plans to provide basic amenities for visitors to Kondapalli and Kondaveedu forts in Krishna and Guntur districts. According to official sources, the two major forts will get a face lift soon.

At Kondapalli fort, the officials will spend Rs 16.5 lakh to provide drinking water, sitting arrangements, toilets, and develop approach roads, internal pathways and steps.

Moreover, several development works will be initiated in Kondapalli fort as part of the Provision of Urban Amenities in Rural Areas (PURA) scheme initiated by the central government. The ropeway facility may be set up under the development works.

Recently, the government had approved a six-member security for Kondapalli fort and it is likely that the heritage committee will also be appointed with local residents soon. The committee will monitor the facilities and address the fort development issues.

Full report here Deccan Chronicle


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