Tourists flocking to hills to escape smog

DELHI: Amid fears of rising air pollution in Delhi-NCR region, tourists are flocking to nearby hill stations such as Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh.

Delhi is currently witnessing one of its worst spells of smog cover, which has resulted in many tourists leaving the city for cleaner air, reports Express.

One tourist told news agency ANI that she had a ”sour throat” because of the smog, when she was in Delhi last week.

The Dharamsala hill station is proving to be a quick get away from the foul air of Delhi. Even pursuing domestic tourist to change or amend their travel plans, a tourist said, ”because the pollution levels have increased tremendously there (in Delhi) and we wanted some relief” and hence they planned to come to Dharamsala.

Another domestic tourist said she had plans for ”Delhi Darshan”, but instead was welcomed by the smoggy air and hence chose to make her way to Dharamasala. Hotels in Dharamsala are capitalising on recent influx of tourists and are taking in many ”walk-in” guests, said booking in-charge of a Himachal Tourism hotel in the town.


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