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Tourists find Srinagar dirty, reveals survey


Defying the administrative claims of beautifying Srinagar, a national survey has termed the city as an “unhygienic place for visitors.”

A survey by Santek Consultants Pvt. Ltd for Union Ministry for Tourism has mentioned that Srinagar city does not fare well on international tourism standards as it has poor facilities for visitors, reveals The Kashmir Monitor.

“Interviews with tourists, both Indian and foreign, have clearly indicated that a vast number of them visiting Srinagar find it a very dirty town besides having no power and reliable water supply,” a report by Santek Consultants said.

It also pointed out to the non-completion of projects in the city which otherwise could have brought it on the international tourism map.

“The extensive field experience has found that many important projects which have a direct bearing to the international tourism into the valley have been in long slumber. Though many proposals have been formed by various departments, but we certainly foresee that if these projects are implemented, it will certainly reinforce the perspective plan for sustainable tourism,” the report said.


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