Tourism treasures to be unearthed

The tourism sector is hoping for a fresh impetus in 2014 once the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh is completed, as governments of both states will initiate measures to boost tourism. Tourism is both a means of increasing revenue and generating employment, and post-bifurcation new tourism spots can emerge in both states.

The emphasis should be on what tourists take back from the experience of visiting a place or region, say experts,  because it is what will make them want to visit again. For example, if one mentions Hyderabad, a tourist will either think of the Charminar, or biryani or pearls, because that is what the tourist experience has been limited to.

If you look at the statewide picture, the places that get the most number of visitors are Tirupati, Araku, Srisailam and Visakhapatnam because many tourist spots lack connectivity and basic infrastructure such as places to eat or rest.

“Post the bifurcation, two new governments should expand the tourism sector and give it an all new identity.  Consider the tourism model of Gujarat or Kerala. They have not only incorporated places of historical or heritage significance, but have also imbibed culture, food and more elements of the region by associating with the locals. This has created employment and also opened more avenues of revenue,” said Suresh Kochattil, an avid traveller and co-organiser of the Greater Hyderabad Adventure Club.

Full report here Deccan Chronicle


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