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Tourism, but little community development


Goa’s tourism industry is the direct or indirect source of livelihood for about one-third of the state’s 14 lakh-plus populace. From core offerings of rooms, restaurants, and visitor-centered entertainment, to micro-level services that feed and feed off these, the tourism pie has crumbled onto the plate of the aam admi, especially along the much-visited parts of the over 105km coastline.

But the steady stream of footfalls minus the simultaneous speeding up of supportive infrastructure means Goa will usher in season 2014-15 with issues, says a report in The Times of India.

While the tourism department claims the process for building and expanding roads, setting-up facilities at tourists places, and work on the tourism master plan has begun, tourists will see the state’s poor garbage management, straining roads, inadequate tourist facilities on beaches, unplanned development at hotspots, and government-tourist taxi operators stand-off.


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