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Top 10 destinations Indians searched for in 2016

DELHI: With the growth in domestic tourism, it is no surprise that most Indians (12%) search for destinations within India when it comes to taking a holiday.  A study by Teflsearch compiled the data for the top 10 searched destinations from India.

Indians were also looking at travelling more to neighbouring countries as many local airlines like Jet Airways, SpiceJet and new budget friendly foreignairlines like AirAsia India and Tigerair make it possible to travel cheaply and in less time.

Among other places travelling to neighbouring countries like Maldives, Bhutan, Singapore and Srilanka made for over 20% of search when taken collectively. Singapore topped such searches at 6.3% and was the second highest searched destination after India locations.

US, UK and Australia were other searched destinations. Take a look at the graphic below.

The top 10 destinations search results for Indians. Source: TeflSearch

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