Too many mud packs greying up Taj Mahal: CPCB


The Taj Mahal is known as a monument of love made with pristine white marble. However, contrary to the growing concerns about the yellowing of the monument, the marble covering the Taj Mahal’s outer surface is in fact, turning grey.

Alarmed at the growing rate of discoloration in the marble, the Central Pollution Control Board has raised a question on the “Mud-Pack” therapy employed by the Archaeological Survey of India to clean the Taj Mahal annually.

Talking to India Today, CPCB Legal Counsel Vijay Panjwani said that barely a decade earlier, the Taj Mahal’s marble used to be quite bright and white in color with a yellowish tinge due to pollution, but of late, it has become dull and grey in color, which was a matter of concern.

He raised question on the mud-pack therapy being employed by ASI to clean the Taj Mahal every year and said that the ASI had never studied the long-term effects of regular mud-pack therapy on marble and it was a distinct possibility that the grayish shade on the marble surface of the Taj Mahal was a result of ‘too many’ mud-packs.


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