Three airlines get notices for ‘flying full’


Passengers scheduled to fly to and from Patna and Jammu in this peak summer holiday season face uncertain times. The aviation regulator has charged three big airlines with seriously jeopardizing passenger safety by flying planes filled to capacity to the critically short runway airports of Jammu and Patna. In this searing heat, aircraft operating from these two airports must have at least 20% seats unoccupied due to technical reasons to fly safely.

But the directorate general of civil aviation (DGCA) has found that three airlines — IndiGo, spiceJet and GoAir — did not observe this summer thumb rule on several flights to and from patna and Jammu in recent days of the ongoing gruelling summer. The regulator has issued their CEOs a show cause notice each on Friday evening and threatened to cancel their flights to and from these two cities.

Full report here Times of India



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