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The sun and sand lifecycle


biCYCLE_tourism keralaBicycle tourism is making steady inroads into the international travellers’ Kerala itinerary

At nine on a summer morning, life in Cherukunnam’s irrigation canal is in full flow. Boys swoop in for a quick swim, women scrub clean the day’s washing, and fishermen await their daily catch. They all pause, stare for a second, smile and wave as our little crew of a British family and tour guide cycle past. Rigged in helmets and armed with sunscreen and water, we’ve forgotten grumbling knees and aching backs, to soak in the sun and life of rustic Kerala. The narrow road winds up to the Bhoothathankettu dam, twists along the Periyar, swings past Thattekkad bird sanctuary and climbs up the Ghats into the Aluva-Munnar highway. Conversations over lunch by the river, pit stops at points of incredible beauty, potholes, garbage and some rain have made our 40 km ride. “That’s the thing about bicycle tours,” says our host, and founder of Kerala Bicycle Trips, A. Thomas, “You can’t hide anything on two wheels. You see the bad, and the good.”

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