The Gold Rush in Karnataka

Every morning, a handful of villagers living near the Chitradurga fort start their day by filtering the small rock particles strewn around it through a wire mesh. They are looking for gold particles in the mud and rocks just as their ancestors did hundreds of years ago although the last king, Madakarinayaka, ruled here in the 1770s.

A few miles away in the village of Harapanahalli, whenever work on digging a foundation for a house begins, the entire village gathers around the site hoping to find a  buried temple beneath or at least a gold coin.

And when authorities excavating the ground to lay a garden in Hampi unearthed ancient coins recently, the road nearby was dug up at night by villagers hoping to chance upon similar treasures.

Closer home, many temples and forts around Bengaluru are often visited by gangs hoping to find treasure in their grounds and they usually end up causing irreparable harm to the monuments.

Full report here Deccan Chronicle 


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