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The case of the dancing flight attendants


While the world focuses on a missing jumbo jet, a brouhaha has broken out in India over a viral video of flight attendants treating passengers to a holiday dance performance. The government of India, unamused, has suspended five crew members and is reportedly threatening to suspend the airline’s license.

It must have seemed like a good idea at the time for the management of Spice Jet, a low cost carrier in India, to train 30 crew members in a Bollywood-inspired dance routine in celebration of the Hindu festival Boli. The UK Daily Mail:

However, the DGCA [India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation] yesterday issued a show-cause notice to SpiceJet, saying the dancing on board the SG-876 flight endangered aircraft safety and created an ‘unruly environment’, and asked why its licence should not be suspended.

Full report here American Thinker


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