The aim is tourism, isn’t it?

TV panel discussions are sickening.

A passel of politicos, as sincere as gorging scavengers over a decaying carcass, caterwaul at each other, spitting and snarling, in a disgusting display of sub-human viciousness. Aren’t political parties aware of the fact that very few Indians want to get involved in a controversy, to say nothing of a no-holds-barred fight?

How many of us report a traffic accident? How many even want to interfere when they see a women being harassed by goons? We want to steer clear of fights. That being so, what on earth has got into our political parties to turn every issue into a slanging match? They seem to be more interested in spectacles of discord than the challenges of debate. The reactions of their disgusted audiences at the elections should be interesting.

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