Thazhathangady tourism project launch delayed

The newly constructed mini-tourist resort on the banks of river Meenachil in Thazhathangady is yet to open for public.

As part of the ‘Thazhathangady Heritage Zone and River Water Beautification Project’ that was inaugurated on September 23 this year, the bank of the river near Alummood Junction was beautified.

A bus waiting room in traditional Kerala architectural style with steps leading to the ghat of the river is constructed as part of the project. Adjoining the room is the mini-resort with four shops and seating arrangements. “There are provisions for a food court, juice parlour, souvenir shop and an information counter for the tourists, apart from the toilets, wash basins and seating facilities. There are also decorative lights and a water tank,” said Jiju Jose, secretary, District Tourism Promotion Council.

Full report here Times of India 


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