Thanjavur Big Temple moat choked as municipality dithers


Vegetation covers the moat around the Big Temple in Thanjavur

Will the moat around Big Temple be renovated? This question is in the minds of people of Thanjavur as renovation of the moat, filling it with water and introducing boating facilities are talked about every now and then.

While visualisation of such an improvement is pleasing, it is yet to become a reality. Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), which is maintaining the Big temple built is eager to renovate the moat, Thanjavur Municipality is not handing over the property to the ASI.

“Although the municipality agreed to hand over the moat to ASI and passed a resolution in the council long time ago, real handing over has not taken place and only communication is going on between the municipality and ASI,” said ASI officials.

“The front portion of the temple can be improved and beautified when once the moat area is handed over to ASI. Merlons (brick walls that form fortification with gaps) can be renovated.

Full report here Hindu


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