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Terrorism divides, tourism unites, says Modi in NYC


The vast untapped economic potential of the tourism industry was at the heart of an impassioned pitch that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made in Manhattan, when he said to a select, distinguished gathering of Indian-American community leaders, opinion-shapers, and long-standing friends of India in the U.S. government, that tourism could generate income for taxi drivers, auto-rickshaw drivers and “even tea-sellers.”

Reiterating his support for a scheme that he had mentioned in an earlier conversation Mr. Modi said to the nearly 700 Indian-Americans at a star-studded dinner at the Taj Group’s Pierre Hotel overlooking Central Park that he did not need their dollars, rather he wanted every Indian-American to send five non-Indian friends to visit the country, reports Hindu.

This way, even though India’s current achievements in the tourism sphere were relatively low, they could increase substantially to tap into a global market worth nearly $3 trillion globally, he argued, and this would also bring benefits per the axiom, “Terrorism divides, tourism unites.”


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