Telangana tourism launches luxury yachts at Hussainsagar


hyd-hussainsagar-yacht-boat nhA pair of luxury yachts was inaugurated at the Hussainsagar Lake on Wednesday by P Ramulu, chairman, Telangana Tourism Development Corporation (TSTDC), and Sania Mirza, tennis champion and brand ambassador of Telangana state.

The yachts, costing a whopping Rs 22 lakh each, have been imported from the US. They are now at the service of tourists for a shared luxury ride or an entire yacht can be booked for parties too, reports The Times of India.

“It is necessary to showcase our culture as Telangana has been neglected for 60 years. Whether it is Akka Mahadevi or Jetprole or Somasila in Mahbubnagar or conservation of forest wealth, we will make the destinations accessible for tourists,” said Ramulu.

Telangana has seen a 25 per cent increase in footfall of foreign tourists over the last year and the state’s tourism development corporation is now looking at revolutionary changes, including setting up of 100 tourist centres to showcase the culture of the state, he added.

The TSTDC chairperson said that similar facilities like the ‘catamaran’ luxury yachts will be introduced at the 100 centres that will be developed around ancient tanks and lakes. Karimnagar, Khammam and Warangal will soon have similar luxury services on offer, he said.


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