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Tatas, SIA to unfurl new airline brand


The most eagerly anticipated event of Indian aviation is here – the brand unveiling of the new airline, a joint venture between Tatas and Singapore Airlines (SIA). 

The name of the new airline has been a closely guarded secret, reminiscent of the time Nano was revealed.

This full service airline is part owned by the Tatas, pioneers of India’s first civilian airline before it was nationalised. The new airline promises to double the number of business class seats. It is also being speculated that there will be a premium economy segment. 

Its partner in the venture is Singapore Airlines whose SilkAir provides vistas of ultimate passenger comfort. Interestingly, SIA has opted for unrelated names, Silkair and Scoot for its earlier ventures. 

Most flights will have double the number of business class seats currently being offered by the existing airlines while paring the number of economy seats. But there is likely to be an in-between class too for those unlikely to afford the business fare but yearn to be looked after.

The airline has announced it will launch operations by October. 

It had already been cleared for most operational clearances, including the air operator’s permit (AOP). A hearing is scheduled on September 12 against allowing foreign direct investment in new airlines in India.

Tata-SIA Airlines is headquartered in Delhi and has a three-member board. Two are Indians — chairman Prasad Menon and director Mukund Rajan. The other director, Mak Swee Wah, is a citizen of Singapore.

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