Few takers for Air India overseas travel from Bhubaneswar

BHUBANESWAR: International connectivity from Bhubaneswar, which was launched by Air India (AI) two years back for providing seamless travel for overseas flyers, seems to have attracted few takers.

There are multiple reasons which can be attributed to the poor show of AI in terms of direct overseas passengers from the city, reports The New Indian Express.

The passengers have to fly up to a domestic hub, which is Delhi in this case, where there is an undue waiting period till the boarding for the international flight is announced.

Domestic aircraft (used as feeder flights) of the flag carrier to Delhi, which once boasted over 70 passengers, is barely managing 10 odd flyers in a day.

Besides, the customs and immigration clearance from Biju Patnaik International Airport (BPIA) is available only for those travellers who fly AI on their international leg of the travel.

For an overseas traveller from Bhubaneswar, it is easy to book a cheaper flight which lands at Delhi late in the evening. This is lighter on the pocket besides reducing the waiting time at Indira Gandhi International Airport at the national capital.

A travel industry expert said unless the Biju Patnaik International Airport (BPIA) here has direct connectivity to a busy airport in a Gulf country through Kolkata or Delhi, the number of overseas passengers will be in single digits.


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