Take the cockpit from a non-aviation background

The Indian airline market is among the few in the world where the heads of two incumbent airlines and the chief executive officer (CEO) of a player waiting in the wings – IndiGo’s Aditya Ghosh, Air India’s Rohit Nandan, and AirAsia India head Mittu Chandilya – come from the non-aviation background. Even SpiceJet’s former CEO, Siddhanta Sharma, who headed the airline from October 2005 to July 2008, didn’t come with operational experience in the airline business

AirAsia’s Chandilya, the latest to join the fray, could certainly take heart from the performance records of Ghosh, Sharma and, to some extent, Nandan, the career-bureaucrat who has, over 18-20 months, brought some semblance of stability to operations of the beleaguered national carrier.

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