Swish as Swiss can be

Though it was summer and the Alps were not exactly snow-clad, they still formed a perfect backdrop to our 12-day Switzerland trip, which we started in Zurich. There was no particular reason for choosing Zurich but we were glad we did, because it set the tone for the rest of the holiday which took us to Lausanne, Bern, Basel and Geneva, as also a daytrip across the border to France.

The trick, obviously, is to avoid the touristy places. We had a vague itinerary and a few ‘must-sees’ on our list (Geneva and Bern), but other than that we only had a Swiss travel pass and a comfortable pair of walking shoes. We relied a lot on the Swiss tourism offices. All of them are well-versed about the country, speak fluent English and offer suggestions which you can follow blindly, assured that you will get a real feel of the country, its culture and cuisine.

Like we did. A helpful person at the Zurich tourism office recommended the restaurant Zeughauskeller for local cuisine. The place was bustling, had a menu in English and, much to our surprise, also served vegetarian dishes.

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