Survey finds women tourists avoiding India


In a survey conducted by ASSOCHAM in the first three months following the Delhi gang-rape incident of December 16, 2013, it was found that there was sharp drop in the female tourists in India, almost about 35%. A further nine months later, the situation is no better. Women tourists, especially those travelling alone, often skip India on their South Asia tour; and those that do tend to take plenty of precaution while here.

“Yes, I did feel unsafe during my trip to India,” says Izzati Rahman, law graduate from Malaysia who visited India during the summer of 2011. “While there were no deliberate sexual harassment attempts, there were a lot of stares. They will still stare at you and your body parts even when you do show signs that you know they are watching,” she shares.

Kathleen McLeod from Australia has a similar tale to tell. “I am on my guard no matter where I am. I would not feel safe being out by myself in Delhi though; every man would be staring, or following. While in Mumbai, there were men taking photographs on their cell phones of me and my friends,” says McLeod.

Derogatory stares were, of course, the least of their worries. “When in crowded areas it was common for them to ‘rub their bodies’ at you; they would stick their bodies so close to girls but not with other men,” narrated Rahman.

Read the full report here, DNA


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